Control Your Business Stress in 5 Steps

The world of science defines stress as tepki a reaction by acting mentally and physically to achieve the necessary adaptation to a physical or psychological stimulus ”. The definition of “physical and psychological stimuli geçen is various. Sometimes ordinary events, sometimes illness, loss of relatives, divorces, more important events such as changing the city can be the source of stress. A study by the American Psychological Association in 2010 shows that workplace stress is the first of all stress factors.

Everyday stress factors may not have a significant effect on their own, but they slowly accumulate, gaining insidious control, making you feel completely exhausted. Burnout syndrome, which starts with mild symptoms such as headache, fatigue and insomnia, may cause a more severe picture such as hopelessness, anxiety, outbursts and untimely outbursts of anger.

How will we control stress?

Remember that stress is a normal and natural reflex. If you can control your reactions when you feel under pressure, you will be healthier in spirit and body. The ability to control stress requires patience and experience. If you really want to and if you make a little effort, you can change the way you look at things, overcome stress. For this, you must clearly explain the cause of stress in your business life. Feeling inadequate? Are you overloaded, have less time? Perhaps the physical conditions of your work environment are insufficient. Or maybe you can't fit in with your colleagues. Once you have identified the cause, you can start evaluating alternatives for the solution.

1- Make a plan

For most employees, the source of stress is excessive workload. In this case, it is useful to set realistic goals and make a viable plan. Since you will not be able to work continuously at the same pace, with the same enthusiasm, your plans should include your own time zones. To do this, you can use the calendar applications on your mobile phones or use other mobile add-ons to meet your expectations. To give an example, Remember The Milk is a handy app. With this application, you can create a to-do list, organize your appointments, and even assign tasks to your contacts. Another example is the Wave Calendar. A calendar application that can be easily synced with Google, Outlook, and Facebook calendars, where you can easily plan your events. Thanks to these applications, you can easily plan your appointments, the tasks you need to finish, and the way you will follow these tasks.

2- Turn off stimuli that will distract you

Our environment is full of more stimuli than before. Continuous ringing mobile phone, SMSs, e-mails, a window that suddenly opens on the computer can distract us all at once. Plan in advance how you will react to all these stimuli. The simplest method is to mute your mobile phone until you're done. But in this case there is a risk that you may miss something that may be important to you. You can eliminate this risk by using one of the applications where you can group notifications for mobile phones and silence what you want. To do this, you can browse the “Notification Manager” and “Notification Manager” applications.

3- Check your time

When you make time management a habit, you will find that you can be more productive in all areas of life. To do this, list your responsibilities according to their priorities. Always have an organizer or organizer with you in your bag and list the things to do. Break large projects into smaller, more manageable parts and add them to your day-to-day list. The most important obligations should be in the first place and you should devote the most time to them. You can also categorize your list, such as home-related and work-related things. Cross the jobs you have finished. You'll see how good you feel as the number of crossed items on your list increases. In addition, preparing your lists before going to bed at night allows you to start the day clearly, knowing what to do.

4- Taking a deep breath always works

When you feel tense and lost control, take a deep breath through your nose, hold within 5 seconds, completely empty your mouth 4 times. This technique, also called yoga breath, allows you to calm down, feel good and take control again without having to leave your place in a very short time.

5- Perhaps you are the source of your stress!

Our lives are a whole with events that we determine the causes and consequences of ourselves, and events that develop completely outside of us, which cannot be prevented no matter what we do. Trying to control uncontrollable things is the main cause of stress and unhappiness. It is our responsibility to take responsibility for our own words and actions and to do our job in the best way we can.

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