Ending the working cycle by sitting down, you can do business on your feet

The fact that employees sit for long hours is shown as the main cause of muscle and joint pain problems. Moreover, due to inactivity increasing day by day cardiovascular disorders and susceptibility to diabetes Experts are looking for new roadmaps because going to the gym after work brings periodic solutions to the problem and problems reappear when sports are disrupted. The latest fashion debate in business emerged as a result of this quest: standing up.

Cost of Standing

Experts leave the tip open to the interpretation of this proposal, which was met with surprise. The new system, which is thought to be necessary not only for health but also for energy and creativity, has already begun to be put on the agenda by some big companies. In fact, the costs and space advantages of tables are also evaluated for standing. The cost of standing office in the office varies according to the design. Nowadays, the biggest company that has spoken about this system is being tested at Google London office. Elite Office Furniture in the UK, which sells tables to Google, says a table will cost £ 500 for bulk orders. The cost of removing old tables is 15-20 pounds per table. Other advantages and disadvantages of the system, which is considered to be quite costly, are also evaluated by experts.

Who Wants to Work Standing?

When the motivation, efficiency and of course the rights of the employees are taken into consideration, it is possible to realize the system on a voluntary basis. And who wants to work standing up? Alan Hedge, an expert on ergonomics, isn't sure that employees will adapt to the system. Hedge, “Even if the volunteer comes out, it will be problematic for them to sit and adapt to the employees.Yapıy. But Hedge is not totally against the idea. It underlines the need to encourage employees to act, and makes recommendations. The lack of tea carts in the office services, alternatives to the use of elevators are some of the small changes that can be made.

Sitting is not an eternal habit

Jeremy Myerson, professor of design at the Royal College of Art, emphasizes the new culture of work by sitting in business. Recalling that civil servants worked in the 19th century, the expert emphasized that the work system has been indexed to sitting in the last 100 years. Moreover, the reason for this habit is the Taylorism movement. Myerson, “It's much easier to manage people sitting" says. Masa The table and chair are the most important assurance in business, iyor he says, adding that tables and chairs are a symbol of status as well as a tool for people.

Although the idea of ​​working in the locomotive countries such as the United States and the United Kingdom is still not discussed, the tables that make it possible for Danish employees to do standing jobs are included in the law as a necessity for companies. There is no doubt that such options will be created in other countries as long as the harms of sitting and inactivity increase and the workers in the workplaces receive continuous reports of these ailments. A new agenda yet Henüzstand up“Is still seen as a taboo, but points to the working style of the future.

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