Insomnia Affects Work Efficiency Globally

Being unable to sleep is one of the most important problems of the modern age. Emerging as a result of developing technology; situations such as smartphone usage density, increasing social media addiction and sharing craze have been seen as a problem which has decreased efficiency and mental processes especially since 2000s.

The problem of inability to sleep can lead to many problems in both work and personal life. Not taking care to sleep, as in many points of life, affects people negatively in working life. Not being able to sleep enough; focusing problems, lack of motivation, reduced creativity and feeling unhappy psychologically. In addition, insomnia; It is also known to cause heart disorders, nervous and digestive system problems. These and other problems lead to a decrease in productivity at work.

İş Lost Business Day ’in the UK

A UK study found inefficient days as a result of employees' lack of attention to sleep patterns “lost business days”. This "lost”The days are estimated to cost the British economy about fifty billion dollars.

According to a study conducted by Hult International Business School, the number of days in England in 2017 due to insomnia is two hundred thousand. The sum of small and innocent hours and even minutes can turn into a huge waste of time. This situation, which affects both companies and the economies of the countries, reveals the negative impact of insomnia on productivity.

Negative Impact of Sleep Problems Reaches Global Dimensions

When this partial effect of lost working days on the total labor force and the direct impact on the creativity and productivity capacities of the employees are evaluated together, the negative consequences of insomnia are more clearly seen. Effectively using technology and labor-intensive production format adopts the results show similarities in Turkey. In order to make the physical and mental structure healthy, to achieve balance in private life and to increase creativity in business life, the importance of sleep order and sleep time needs to be shown. This harmony means development and productivity in a very large circle from individual to global.

What should be done to overcome sleep problems?

The main reason for the inability to sleep is directly proportional to the standard of living. Getting rid of social media addiction and more generally using today's technology correctly helps you solve your sleep problem. Rather than specifying a routine that waives sleep; adequate sleep, proper nutrition, regular sports and direct socialization is of great importance. In this way, the entrepreneurial spirit develops, challenging business processes are no longer a problem and the creation issue disappears.

Keep in mind; how you wake up to the day has a direct connection to how you spend that day, and organizing your day-to-day routines optimally improves your quality of life.

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