Talking Office Plants: I'm not a flowerpot!

Office plants are one of the sine qua non of the office environments where we spend most of the day. Office plants, which enhance the office environments with their appearance and the warmth it creates, are not only decorative and aesthetic, but also have many healing properties in terms of our health.

Because of the metropolitan life and intensive working conditions, we have compiled office plants that can be easily looked after in the office environment to feel that relaxing and healing power of the green we are far away.

Office Plant Suggestions for Correcting Your Emotion with Fragrances

1) Jasmine

No one knows the wonderful and charming smell of jasmine. Imagine that this fragrance that calms the nerves is in the environment where you work! There is also a bonus to the fragrance. A study by Wheeling Jesuit University has shown that the smell of jasmine flower helps reduce anxiety.

2) Lavender

We warn; soon you will begin to smell pleasant lavender. Lavender is more of a garden plant, although not many potted plants, home and office environment with the right care methods at least 40-60 cm depth can be grown in pots. It is a durable plant that loves heat and sun, it will be happy if it is located on the windowsill, it will spread this fragrance to you by spreading fragrance!

3) Basil

This unique plant is an indoor and outdoor ornamental plant that allows you to pass that beautiful fragrance to your hands when you touch it with its unique smell. Plenty of sun can be preferred for office environments.

Office Plants Helping Filter Air

1) Camel Base

The camel base plant, which increases the oxygen level in the air and fills the eye with its appearance, is an ideal office plant for large office areas. These plants, which improve the air quality of the environment they are located in, become good mood with their aesthetic appearance.

2) Aloe Vera

A long-lasting and durable plant, aloe vera is a plant that you can easily look at in the office environment in terms of adapting to any environment. It is renowned for its many benefits, almost never counting, as well as the removal of toxic toxins such as benzene and formaldehyde, which we breathe in confined spaces. Aloe Vera is one of the NASA approved indoor air purifying plants.

3) Benjamin

Benjamin, a decorative potted plant with small and beautiful looking leaves, is often preferred in living spaces with its pleasant appearance. This type of plant, which is frequently encountered in office environments, acts as a kind of air filter by absorbing toxic toxins in the air. Benjamin, which is effective against xylene and formaldehyde, is also on the NASA approved list of air purifying plants.

In addition, research has shown that the presence of live plants reduces stress. As you can see, there are many good reasons why you prefer an office plant that is always alive and can grow. Plants and their energy have been an important issue for the improvement of office health by many companies.

Let's bloom these colorless offices!

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