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Do your days pass in an intense pace, without understanding how time passes? In your busy life, stressful moments, you need to try to relax your soul and feel better. You can make this effort with meditation, an ancient method that has been practiced for centuries. Meditation offers you many benefits, including:

  • Meditation, which is very effective in reducing stress and learning to cope with stress, takes you away from the hardship and stress of daily life and the turmoil you experience.
  • It increases the enjoyment you receive from life in difficult and stress-laden times.
  • It allows you to spend more productive every moment, especially your business life.

What is Meditation?

The word itasyon meditation “, which means“ deep thinking ır, is defined as techniques that enable people to increase their inner peace and reach their own self-existence. Meditation, a form of mind-control, allows you to set aside time and busyness in your brain, questions and problems that are intrusive in your mind. Meditating at work helps you to use your time more efficiently and make your work life more enjoyable.

Meditation techniques that increase the efficiency and enjoyment you get from your business life put an end to all the confusion in your brain. It allows you to get away from many troubles and stress in the long run. These techniques, which allow you to know yourself, reduce your judgment in your business life, allow you to think more consciously and observe the surroundings. Meditation is not an escape, a reflection activity, or a drug; knowing yourself is to be aware of every moment.

How to Meditate?

Meditation, which helps you cope with stress, can be practiced with many different techniques. You can take the first step to a more peaceful life with meditation techniques that make your business life more productive.

When you first start meditation, your mind may be very tired and you may not have control. Your mind disintegrates and constantly throws you at different thoughts. Everyday life, business life and all other challenges make it hard for you and yourself to concentrate. It is quite normal for everything to be so compelling at the beginning. You can overcome these difficulties with a few tips.

The upright posture is very important for meditation. You can also stand or squat. Regardless of how you stand, being upright is one of the most important steps to focus. Apart from this, it is very important to focus on a certain point and a relaxing thought, to exchange the right breath, to get away from the feelings and thoughts that compel you and to be in a quiet environment.

What are Meditation Techniques?

Simple Voice Meditation: Simple voice meditation based on mantras vibrates your mind. Mantra is the repetition of a voice, word or sentence. Simple sound meditation takes you out of the moment; Recovers from difficult thoughts.

Kundalini Meditation: The main purpose of this meditation is to awaken your mind. You can do this with mantras and meditation music that settles in your mind. When you sing mantras and songs, your mind wakes up, you become enlightened.

Metta Meditation: Metta meditation, also called goodness, is based on compassion and compassion. With this meditation, you can take the concept of empathy into your life. You can learn to accept both yourself and other people through this meditation technique.

Tonglen Meditation: Tonglen meditation allows you to get rid of the pain by accepting what makes you suffer. It saves you from being negative and helps you gain compassion.

How should meditation music be?

Some people do not need music in their minds. As in the above methods, they focus solely on the master and become silent. Some people think that they can rest their souls better by listening to music. With music, they focus more easily on their work and perform a more efficient meditation session.

Music that lets you calm your mind also lets you reduce stress and makes it easy to focus on what you do at work. It becomes easier to become aware of your thoughts, and the relaxing meditation music also contributes to the relaxation of the muscles. It is easier for you to clear your mind and focus on your business life with meditation music that will open the doors of different worlds.

With or without music, meditation, regardless of how it is done, has a big impact on work efficiency. If it is difficult to decide how to take the first step to get this effect, you can benefit from free meditation practices such as CALM, Inscape, and Headspace. With these applications you can start doing regular meditations and open the doors of a productive life.

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