What is the Best Mop Cleaning Set of 2019?

Frequent wiping is necessary to maintain cleanliness of contaminated areas. Consists of mops, buckets and cloths for practical cleaning, especially in offices cleaning kit preferable. The cleaning mop is very useful for immediately cleaning tea, coffee and other spilled drinks. Mop mop varieties should be examined when selecting properties; Wet, damp or dry cleaning mat types should be selected according to the need.

What is Mop?

Mop cleaning sets, which are frequently preferred among cleaning products, vary according to the usage area. The system, which basically consists of a cloth attached to the end of an easily managed stick, has become one of the most preferred cleaning products with its practicality.

The mop is sold with a bucket with a squeezing apparatus after immersion in water. Anti-static mops are used for areas that are not cleaned with water, while cotton mops are preferred for wet surfaces. Mop cleaning sets also include a cleaning bucket. The bucket in the cleaning set has a clamping mechanism suitable for the mop. The cloth dipped in the bucket absorbs detergent and water. Excessive detergent and water flows back into the bucket when pressed or rotated in the squeezing apparatus. Thus, there is not much detergent and water left in the cloth. This prevents foaming and excessive wetness in surface cleaning. It is also important to check whether the clamping device is suitable for the mop when an external bucket is taken out of the set. Therefore, when buying a new bucket, care must be taken to purchase a cleaning bucket suitable for the set.

Mop Cleaning Set Usage

Mop cleaning set according to the purpose of use is divided into varieties. Wet mops are produced from about 70 percent cotton and 30 percent polyester. Easy to wash. Since it is cotton, it is more comfortable to dry by squeezing it out of the bucket.

Antibacterial mops are produced from 30 percent cotton, 40 percent polyester, 20 percent microfiber and 10 percent orlon. Very high temperature washable. Powder mops are used dry. It removes dust by static electricity, especially in places that do not want wet mop. Wooden surfaces do not always require wet cleaning. Static mops provide a great advantage in daily cleaning.

Best Mop Cleaning Sets

The leading brands in the cleaning sector like Vileda, Parex, Scotch Brite mop mop varieties located. The answer to the question hang Which is the best mop cleaning kit? Değişir depends on the cleaning required. Usage preferences and cleaning mops prices also taken into account.

The range of Vileda cleaning kits includes the Spino model that rotates when the cloth at the end of the stick is pressed, the Supermocio model that only squeezes the cloth from the top when pressed and the Turbo model rotated by the pedal. Vileda produces different types of Vileda tips for practical matting models. You can enrich your cleaning products with spare mop and cloths. When buying replacement products, you should pay attention to the differences between Vileda mop varieties. Vileda prices are suitable for almost any budget. You can choose from the Vileda range for office cleaning.

Microfiber cloths are more preferred in Parex cleaning sets. Parex Black Edition series is black. It can be preferred in offices with black color in interior decoration. The Parex Tornado model uses a specially designed rotating head mat. Parex Extra Power cleaning kit consists of bucket, mop and handle with squeezing apparatus. Rubber handle provides easy cleaning with ergonomic design.

Scotch Brite mop Spin Bucket model with 360 degree rotating head makes cleaning more practical. When the microfiber mop is used without wetting, it can catch dust easily thanks to its special fringes. Provides long-lasting, hygienic cleaning with mop that can be washed in the washing machine.

Silva mop set consists of microfiber cloth types and aluminum cleaning sticks. Microfiber mop sets include three rags: a specially designed mop for wall wiping and individually mopping wet and dry mops for wet and dry use. A special wall wiping apparatus is also sold separately for wall cloth.

What is Microfiber Cloth?

Microfiber cloth is used everywhere from car drying to house cleaning. Microfiber cloths are produced much thinner than human hair. All of the pile consists of triangular fibers. Thanks to the fibers, it absorbs very good dust and collects all the small parts on the ground with its electrostatic feature up to 10 times its weight. Only tap water is sufficient for flushing. If it has collected too much dirt, it must be cleaned by machine washing or by hand washing with soap.

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