What should be considered when purchasing occupational safety equipment?

There are different risk factors depending on the work and working environment of each sector or firm. With the rapidly advancing technology and industrialization, some vulnerabilities have emerged in the safety of workers in the workplaces. Realizing these deficits, it is of great importance to make workplaces safe in order to prevent loss of life and injuries. Certain laws and regulations have been adopted to mitigate these risks. Within the framework of these laws, the products used in the field of occupational safety are required to undergo certain tests and to have certificates. All of these measures taken to prevent employees from working accidents are called occupational safety.

Select the appropriate safety equipment for each job

The main purpose of occupational safety materials is to prevent accidents experienced by employees in workplaces and to keep safety at the forefront. When choosing the right equipment for the job, you need to look at how much you need it and determine whether it meets your business requirements. When choosing work safety materials, you must check that the product you have received is CE certified. This certificate shows that the product you have received complies with European product norms.

What is personal protective equipment, where is it used and what are its characteristics?

There are many occupational safety materials produced without considering the safety of the employees and the safety of the environment. These equipment disturb the employee during use. Working together with this inconvenience may stop using these products, which may cause work accidents. The quality of personal protective equipment is therefore also important. The purpose of personal protective equipment is to ensure the safety of our environment as well as our own health and safety. Personal safety can be examined under the following headings:

  • Eye protection
  • Head protection
  • Respiratory protection
  • Preservation of hearing
  • Suit up
  • gloves
  • shoes
  • Personal accessories
  • Hygiene

Eye protection

Workers must protect their eyes from dust, metal burrs, welding sparks, steam and the like. Protective goggles should be worn to prevent work accidents in such cases. Safety glasses must be durable and robust, as well as side guards. You should pay attention to the choice of protective goggles according to the job you do. For example, if you are sharpening, you should choose an eyeglass against small metal parts. Or, if you are welding, you should use a welding goggle or a welding face shield that protects the face completely.

Eye protection equipment

  • Safety glasses
  • Flexible safety glasses
  • Anti-fog safety glasses
  • Burr Glasses
  • Ergonomic safety glasses
  • Safety goggles that we can use with our own glasses
  • Welding mask / goggles
  • Eye shower

Head protection

Head protection plays an important role in work environments. Helmets are used for head protection. The helmets are designed to protect against objects falling from the top, to protect against injuries caused by knocking or falling. The front part of the helmets produced is produced a little longer. With this shape, a comfortable working environment is aimed by providing water flow while working in rainy environment. The use of helmets is used in many different sectors such as construction, logistics, iron and steel industry, shipbuilding. It is also aimed to integrate the helmets with other materials. To protect the ears from noise, helmets can be mounted on the helmet or directly with helmet models are available. Helmets can also be fitted with lamps for other lines of work.

Respiratory protection

If there are smoke, dust, chemicals that emit harmful vapors and similar conditions, masks should be used to protect against these situations. Masks allow you to breathe more comfortably and safely. The most important criterion for mask selection is the correct filter selection. The mask you use against dust will not protect against gas, and the mask you use against gas will not protect against dust.

Types of masks

  • Dust mask
  • Mask with carbon filter
  • Half face gas mask
  • Full face gas mask

Preservation of hearing

Your ears exposed to prolonged noise in your work environment can be severely damaged. You can take some precautions to protect your ear health. The first method is used ear plugs.

Hearing protectors

  • Headphone
  • Hard hat
  • Earplug

Suit up

The clothes you wear in your working environment should be durable, convenient and comfortable. The clothes you wear should be neither tight nor tight. If your clothing is plentiful, it may get stuck in moving machines. If it is narrow, it prevents you from moving easily and you cannot do your job. It's better for you to have a long dress. Because your limbs may unintentionally touch hot or sharp objects. You reduce this risk by choosing a long dress.


Gloves are important in work safety to protect your hands from sharp objects, harmful substances, high temperatures and similar hazards. The glove should be exactly according to your hand size. It should also be noted that in some cases it does not use gloves. So you can use leather, cotton or rubber gloves to suit the job.

Types of gloves

  • Sewing gloves
  • Braided Gloves
  • Chemical resistant gloves
  • Welding gloves
  • Wristband


To protect your feet in the workplace and to prevent work accidents, it is necessary to use shoes with steel toe and non-slip soles. In this way, you can avoid injuries that may occur when a material falls on a common foot or when you hit your foot somewhere. Work shoes to be worn in the workplace vary according to each job.


  • Classic work shoes
  • Other work shoes
  • Boot
  • Boots for children
  • Rubber boots
  • Boots for children

Personal accessories

While you are working, materials such as loose clothing, necklaces or ties can get stuck in the running machine. This causes an occupational accident. In addition, the metal accessories on you can conduct heat and burn your skin. Before starting work, it is important to remove accessories such as rings, bracelets, necklaces and wristwatches for work safety.


Keeping personal cleaning in the workplace at a high level minimizes exposure to hazardous materials in your work environment. We can give an example of washing your hands before eating, taking a shower after working, taking off your work clothes when you go out at work and so on.

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